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Looking for a beautifully designed patio that is aesthetically appealing as well as functional? Call TXP Construction – your patio and deck contractors in Dallas for all your patio, deck and pergola requirements. With our installation, remodeling and repair services, we help you create fun and exciting outdoor spaces so that you can create fun-filled, beautiful memories with your family, friends and loved ones.

Best Patio and Deck Contractors in Dallas

Thinking of upgrading your home exterior by installing a new deck or a patio? or by repairing or renovating your existing deck? Hiring TXP construction for your patio and deck projects means knowing that you are in professional and capable hands. We are a reliable home remodeling contractor who take pride in our craftsmanship, work ethics and integrity that make us the perfect choice for high quality patio and deck remodeling services in Dallas. We use only high-quality materials and products to create outdoor living spaces that will be highly resistant to weather elements and daily wear and tear. We are fully involved in every aspect of your deck project, whether it is initial design, ideation, installation, repair and cleaning up the space.

Our Patio and Deck Services in Dallas

We help you make your property stand out by adding more room to your outdoor living space and by adding exciting design elements to the deck or patio you already have. Our full range of patio and deck services will enable you to host barbeque parties and entertain your guests the way you have always wanted. Most importantly, we listen to your ideas, vision and requirements so that we can create outdoor living space that looks like an extension of your home as well as personality.

  • Full deck installation
  • Patio and deck design
  • Patio and deck renovation
  • Patio and deck repair
  • Patio covers
  • Pergola installation
  • Patio and deck removal
  • Custom-built deck
If you are looking for the best patio and deck contractors in Dallas, Call TXP Construction at +1(682)-348-0359 for free estimates and consultation. We specialise in working with all kinds of big or small spaces and whole range of decking materials (wood and composite) to offer you complete outdoor spaces renovations in your budget and timeframe.

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