The siding of your home serves many purposes. While it makes the exterior of home look stylish and appealing, robust home siding also contributes to making your home energy efficient, safe and comfortable. High quality, well-preserved siding keeps debris, weather elements and pests away. On the other hand, loose, damaged and cracked siding can lead topoor aesthetics and problems that can affect the structural integrity, increasing the risk of expensive repairs. It is, therefore, important to understand the signs that you need home siding replacement in Dallas.

Common Signs Your Home Siding Needs Replacement

1. Cracks, chips and holes in siding

Any signs of cracks and gaps in your home siding means water damage and subsequent rotting and decay are not far behind. Holes and chips, often caused by strong winds and hail, not only allow moisture to seep in, but also provide an entry way to pests that can cause serious damage.

2. Warping or bulging

Poor installation, heat and fluctuations in temperature are some of the reasons why you may end up with a warped or bulged siding. A siding has to be nailed with a little bit of room to wiggle so that it can expand or contract according to the change in temperature. If siding is nailed too tightly, it may not have the room to move, causing the siding to bulge or buckle. If you have kept the grills too close to your home siding, it can also make the sliding look a bit warped or damaged. Drainage issues and sprinklers can also damage your home siding.

3. Dark patches or discoloration

Black, brown or dark stains on your vinyl siding is a sign of mold or algae growth. While aggressive scrubbing and power washing may get rid of algae and mold, it is best to call a contractor to inspect the underneath of your siding for rot, pest infestation, dampness and moisture damage. Too match exposure to moisture can lead to mold or algae growth, causing stains to appear. Brown spots that look like streaks of dirty water is a sign of a leaky roof that should be fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

Need a Contractor for Home Siding Replacement in Dallas?

If you think it is time to call a licensed contractor for home siding replacement in Dallas, give us a call at (469)-526-3744. We provide high quality roofing and siding installation services at reasonable rates. It is important that your home siding is installed without errors to avoid warped or bulging panels. We also understand that problems with your siding could be an indicator of a much bigger underlying problem that can impact the structural integrity of your home. If you notice any signs of damage in your siding, such as holes, cracks, stains, warping or bulging, call TXP Construction and we will not only replace the damaged siding but will also identify other foundation issues that can lead to costly repairs down the line.